Subsidy Video Production

Have you ever wanted a video production of YOUR profession to sell and distribute throughout your clientele? Now you can, without it breaking your bank account! As a matter of fact, it may be possible to get a professionally produced DVD, complete with labels, hard plastic case, color cover, and dupes, virtually without it costing you anything for the production expenses!

OK, there is a catch. You must qualify and be chosen as a low risk professional client. Here’s the deal. You must be selected by us to see if your profession seems “sellable”. If your profession has a large clientele, you have a good chance of selling your tape to most of them. If not, you will most likely sell some tapes, but not at the rate that would make it feasible for us to take it on as a subsidy project.

However, there is additional information that you must know, and will be given to you if you contact us for an interview. PLEASE…. email us if you are serious and have a professional business or hobby WITH a following!

Here’s an idea for a video that would do well as a Subsidy Video Training Videos If you’re in a profession that can be taught through lessons (karate, cooking, pet care, etc) this one is for you!